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BE Education | The story of how it all started
Our mission from day one has been to create a brighter future for our students through education.
William Vanbergen
Founder and Director of BE Education

BE was founded in 2003 after the co-founders, William and Emma Vanbergen, helped a Chinese classmate's friend to find a suitable school for her son. She had tried multiple agencies and didn't feel she could trust any of them. William and Emma guided the family and her son through the application process and found him a best fit school in Britain. He flourished, and the seed which would later become 'BE' was born.
BE continues to provide consulting services for Chinese students in keeping with our core values of honesty, integrity and acting in the best interests of the child at the heart of all our decisions.
We support students' development by offering subject specific preparation to help them prepare for entrance examinations. The results speak for themselves; BE's track record in China is second to none, as we attract more and more capable students to our centres each year. We have also expanded geographically, now boasting offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and London.


In addition to consulting and tuition, BE also runs a number of holiday courses. The Eton College Summer Course and Charterhouse 'Young Learners' Summer Course are our longest standing courses and were designed with the idea of offering Chinese students a genuine boarding school experience. BE exclusively recruits students for these courses in Mainland China. We also help recruit for programmes which are run at top universities and boarding schools in the US and Switzerland.


The final element to BE is not related to study overseas at all, indeed it is quite the opposite. BE is working with Wycombe Abbey in the UK to establish Wycombe Abbey Schools in Greater China and in South East Asia. The first school opened in Changzhou in Sept 2016, followed by Hong Kong in September 2019 and Hangzhou and Nanjing opening in 2021.


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Our Mission
BE's mission from day one has been to create a brighter future for our students through education.
Our Values
Do what's best for our students
BE honest & act with integrity
Strive for continuous improvement to serve our families better