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  • Tig Mooney
    Founding Executive Head, Wycombe Abbey School Hangzhou
    Mr Tig Mooney has over thirty years' teaching experience and over twenty years' experience as a Headmaster, both in independent day and boarding schools in the UK and in international schools in Malaysia and Singapore. Most recently he has been working as Principal of the Elementary School of St. Joseph's Institution International in Singapore.

    After graduating from Trinity College, Dublin, where he read History and later gained his MA, Mr Tig Mooney began his teaching career in Ireland and then in Scotland, before moving South to England to take up his first headship in 1997. After a distinguished school leadership career in the UK, Mr Tig Mooney was appointed to his first international headship in 2011 as Founding Head of the Preparatory School of Marlborough College Malaysia. His wife, Geraldine, is Deputy Head Academic of Marlborough College Malaysia Prep School.

    A keen rugby player and coach and outward-bound enthusiast, Mr Tig Mooney is a passionate advocate of holistic education and the many benefits of a boarding-school education.
  • Nicola Kirby
    Head of Upper School, Wycombe Abbey School Hangzhou
    After a career in financial services, Ms Nicola Kirby retrained to work in education in the UK where she taught English Language and Literature for 13 years, before working internationally. For the last 3 years, Ms Nicola Kirby has worked at Wycombe Abbey, Changzhou, as a teacher, and as Housemistress and Director of Whole School English.

    Ms Nicola Kirby graduated from Exeter University, having read English and History, and was later one of the first graduates of the National Professional Qualification of Senior Leadership (NPQSL) in the UK. Not only has she worked in leadership roles at Wycombe Abbey, Changzhou, her career has seen her work as Assistant Head and Vice Principal of schools both in the UK and internationally.

    Originally from Cornwall, Ms Nicola Kirby enjoys being outdoors and especially sports that involve being on the water. The sport of gig rowing became the family passion, and she competed a number of times at the World Championships.

    She thoroughly enjoys living and working in China. She firmly believes in the values provided by a truly holistic educational experience and is passionate about the benefits a Wycombe Abbey style education can offer to China's young people.
  • Benjamin Wood
    Head of Lower School, Wycombe Abbey School Hangzhou
    Mr Benjamin Wood has been appointed as Head of Lower School at Wycombe Abbey Hangzhou following a successful three years in the sister school in Changzhou.

    "Wycombe Abbey in Changzhou has been a very enjoyable last three years and I have had the pleasure of working with some incredible people who absolutely put the children first. The education is almost identical to what is offered back home in the UK and both Amy and I are excited to have the opportunity to establish another leading school in China along with many other first class educators."

    After graduating from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne back in 2009, Mr Benjamin Wood returned to Sedbergh School, the boarding school where he was educated as a boy. Since then he has been working in some of the best Independent Prep and Senior schools in the UK. As Head of Marketing, Head of Boarding and Head of Boys' Sport, he was responsible for successfully increasing the number of boarding pupils in the school and leading his team through the outstanding ISI Boarding Inspections.

    Throughout his career, he has also remained a dedicated teacher in the classroom. From teaching GCSE PE to Common Entrance Geography and RS and more recently Primary English, Maths and Science in Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5.

    In September 2018, Mr Benjamin Wood and his wife, Ms Amy Wood moved out to Wycombe Abbey School Changzhou, as Deputy Head (pastoral) in the Prep school and as Designated Safeguarding Lead for the whole school. Both Mr Benjamin Wood and Ms Amy Wood are incredibly experienced and dedicated to their work and they are both involved in all aspects of the school, with Mr Benjamin Wood leading the extra-curricular programme and overseeing the boarding provision.